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broken belle website imageMy name is Belle Logan.

I used to be an aspiring journalist, until, not long ago, I was kidnapped and held in an eerie hotel-style room where everything was pink. I was beaten, starved and humiliated by a man whose face I never saw (he wore a mask) for close to a year before Dorian Carver and his team of special agents came to my rescue.

They brought me to a cabin near Sequoia National Park, a sort of safe house to keep me hidden while they tried to find the identity of my kidnapper. It was heavenly to experience my first taste of freedom in a place so beautiful. But I was alone, far from home, far from James, my best friend and the closest person in the world to me. And my kidnapper wasn’t just going to let me go.

I had a lot of emotional baggage, obviously, but Dorian was kind and understanding. Slowly, thanks to him, I was able to start putting the things that had been done to me in the past. I was beginning to trust him, and, let’s face it, who wouldn’t develop feelings for a gorgeous knight in shining armor dedicated to protecting them? At least I thought I was beginning to trust him.

It turns out, abuse doesn’t vanish so easily.

It turns out, even though I’d been rescued from my strange prison, my kidnapper still had a hold of my mind… I could have gone anywhere, but I still wasn’t free.

This is my search for the man who ruined my life.

This is my struggle to love and trust again—my journey back to myself.